AR15 Knuckle Handgrip


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The AVRi grip is an easy to install bolt-on upgrade for your standard AR15 / M4 pistol grip.

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Product Details

This grip’s sleek & aggressive design mixes a grip-enhancing textured backstrap with individualized finger holes that shield your knuckles & maximize weapon retention all while showcasing some “F-around & find out” brass knuckle attitude. With similar feel & dimensions to most factory OEM grips your hand will confidently wrap around the extensively designed ergonomic grip contours and immediately tap into the increase of positive weapon control & anti-drop benefits. The proprietary-blended reinforced polymer construction provides plenty of strength & durability under even the most rugged of scenarios. Don’t let the sexy “click-bait looks” fool you, this grip is fully functional and ready to run & gun !

All mounting hardware included.

Made in U.S.A.

AR15/M4 Nuckle Handgrip
Improved Grip

Sawtooth textured backstop ensures improved grip in any condition.

Oversized Nuckles

Oversized knuckles allows plenty of room for large fingers or operation with gloves.

AR15/M4 Nuckle Handgrip
AR15/M4 Nuckle Handgrip
Superior Ergonomics

Superior ergonomics make this one of the most comfortable AR15 / M4 grips you have ever used.

Impact Resistant
Lifetime Warranty
(14 customer reviews)

14 reviews for AR15 Knuckle Handgrip

  1. Brice B.

    This grip is amazing! awesome looks aside. It is very comfortable and gives me a great feeling of control over the weapon. I would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Chris Sukeena

    Had the chance to test and review the AVRi grip, on the range and in the field shooting.   Honestly,  first impression of the grip was “gimmicky” and in line with the “tacticool crowd”.  Well, my first impression quickly changed after firing several hundred rounds on multiple platforms of AR’s, Shotguns and the Barrett M82.  Felt so confident and sure handed with AVRi grip that “mag dumping” 10 rounds through the Barrett M82 standing unsupported was easy. 

    The biggest takeaway,  while resting your trigger finger away from the trigger guard, Positive control of the weapon is effortless as your support fingers are guarded and securely held onto the grip. Will work extremely well in wet, cold slippery conditions even when wearing gloves.

    – Easy install. 
    – Extremely well made.
    – Confidence inspiring control of the weapon.
    – Suitable for all hand sizes.

    – Looks gimmicky.
    – Not available for pistols where it would help with weapon retention.

  3. TJ Murray

    Honestly I love it, it is surprisingly very comfortable and feels great when using my rifle. Very easy to install and Makes my ar15 look badass. The finger holes are still big enough to move fast while doing transitioning drills.

  4. Jerry Middleton (verified owner)

    Just got my grip today .shipping was super fast and love the grip .I put it on my pc charger and fits perfectly, feels like I could shoot it one handed no problem and love the look of it. I give way thumbs up on product and shipping.

  5. Sapper

    Amazing, incredible, tremendously cool for my AK!!! Buying again

  6. Darnell white


  7. William F Alexander

    These things are beautiful. The only way they could be any better is if they were free

  8. Dan Pearson Jr

    I put it on my AR 10 and it looks great

  9. brandon

    would this handle fit a 300blkout arp

    • Zach Randall (verified owner)

      YEP ! Our AR Knuckle grip fits ALL mil-spec M4/AR platforms !

  10. Herman

    what is the weight for the ar15?

    • Zach Randall (verified owner)

      Our AR15 Knuckle grip weighs 2.5oz, super light !

  11. NEVA_LACKIN_P (verified owner)

    Grip came in today can’t wait to put it on looks great though

  12. Carson

    Possibly a stupid question but will this fit a Great Lake ar

    • Zach Randall (verified owner)

      YES ! Our AR15 knuckle grips will bolt right onto any mil-spec AR lower receiver ! If you have any fitment issues at al, contact us via email [email protected] OR send us a DM on instagram @Avri2A and we will do what we can to help you out or buy our grip back from you & fully refund you ! Thanks !

  13. Ashton Maxwell

    Can this fit ar15 pistol

    • Zach Randall (verified owner)

      Yes ! Our knuckle grips bolt onto ALL AR platforms !

  14. Kevin Clay (verified owner)

    Great Product,staff definitely took care of me.Quick response back to my inquiry email.Need more online companies with these type of practices. I will be purchasing another quality product.Kevin Clay ,Pflugerville,TX

    • Zach Randall (verified owner)

      Glad we could help out brother ! Thank you so much for your business & support !

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